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Complete waterproof of a house in Lincoln, NE

For a waterproof and beautifully landscaped property, count on us in Lincoln, NE

Waterproofing is a job that must be done correctly the first time. With the right waterproofing, your wet areas will last longer, so they can serve you well for years to come. Professional waterproofing treatment will protect the underlying structure of your building and make sure that it remains in great shape for years to come. Spohr's Landscaping can waterproof your home or commercial property with 100% satisfaction. We have the tools and expertise to produce a perfect result each and every time. Whether you're building a new home, adding an extension or renovating or installing a pool, make sure everything is sealed correctly with the help of Spohr's Landscaping in Lincoln, NE. We also handle commercial waterproofing, including garages, basements and more. Our customers are always completely satisfied with waterproofing and sealing from Spohr's Landscaping.
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Spohr's Landscaping has an experienced team of waterproofing experts who can ensure that any area of your home or commercial property is completely protected from the damage water can do. We can:
  • Waterproof bathrooms and basements 
  • Seal pool areas and balconies 
  • Waterproof larger projects, including developments 
  • Serve as water and drainage experts in legal cases
For these or any other waterproofing jobs, please contact us in Lincoln at (402) 476-8588. We can answer any questions you have or simply provide a reliable quote for our services. 

About us

Spohr's Landscaping in Lincoln is made up of landscaping and water & drainage professionals with over three decades of experience. We have coated and sealed all types of surfaces, including bathrooms, balconies, and pool areas. We keep up to date with the latest technological developments to make sure we use the finest materials and tools available on every job. If you need someone to waterproof your residential or commercial property, give Spohr's Landscaping a call today.
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